How to Write a Book in 40 Days

Most people I talk to, "say, oh I am going to write a book about........................

But I just don't have time.

Maybe when the kids are in School , maybe when the kids have left school, maybe when the kids have moved out or maybe when I retire I will finally have time to write my book.

Others have a fabulous idea for a book, but just don't know how to organize their ideas so they flow into coherent chapters. 

Then there is the question of  - if I do finally get my book written how do I get it published?

It seems like most people feel they have at least one book inside them 

Linda Finstad will share with you the secret formula 

that will take you from

"Once Upon a Time" to "The end" in just 40 days. 

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2018 Workshop Dates

Sept 26  2018

6pm - 9pm

Leduc Library

Please call the Library to register

(780) 986-2637 ext. 213 


This workshop is designed for Artists and Photographers who want to reach a greater market with their art.

Learn how a Self Published book containing your art can 

enhance visability as an artist, open doors and boost your bank account.

Linda Finstad will walk you step by step through the process and also help you identify new target markets and fans.

How to Publish and Sell Art Books
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