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Equine Experiment 

The Horse Watcher is all about observing the natural behaviour of horses.

Occasionally we have burning questions regarding equine behaviour and need to conduct experiments to arrive at the answers.

Join me on a Quest!  - Well its more of a social experiment really. 

We are gathering data to prove that horses are capable of extraordinary acts of kindness, compassion and cognitive reasoning.


Which means talking to horsemen and women like you, and asking for your real life (first hand) observations and stories.

One story of a horse exhibiting these traits is cute and heart warming. 

1000 stories means there must be more truth to it.

Together we can give horses the credit they deserve.

To participate in this mega project just download the "experiments"  below along with the reply form. 

There are 4 different equine experiments to choose from.

You may participate in one or all of them.

Don't worry they re non-invasive and the horses really enjoy them because they involve treats.


Please give a little information about your horse such as age/ breed / sex also how long you have owned or known this extraordinary animal.

We will be gathering Data from January to September 2018 

Then taking the winter to compile the results and publish the findings. 


Thank you for taking part in this social experiment

Sharing is Caring
This experiment proves horses are
capable of "Un-Selfish Behavior"
Problem Solving
This experiment proves horses are
capable of "cognitive Behavior"
Extrodinary Equines
How horses put the needs of others 
before their own.  By modifying their 
natural way of being.
How smart is my horse?
This experiment is designed to discover if
horses can count.
Response Form

These and many more equine experiments are featured in "How To De-Code Equine Body Language" by Linda Finstad

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