Train the Trainer

      Certification program

Even if Equine behavior is not your strong suit


Using "The Horse watcher"

Lesson Plans and Discovery Cards 

You too can become the expert and teach 

Advanced equine behaviour to your own clients.


What really makes this program unique are the 

Fun Equine Experiments that bring the lessons to life.


 Unraveling the mysteries of how horses communicate takes horsemanship to a whole different level

Its going to be Big.


You can either watch on the side lines as this next generation of horsmanship unfolds.

Or you can be part of the growing movement

of instructors who offer 

Advanced Equine Behaviour Lesson Programs.


Discovery cards  - Pose a question and provide an answer.

Designed to encourage students to interact with each other in a small group setting.

Save the Date

Train the Trainer Boot Camp

We know this seems overwhelming

So Linda offers a full day workshop that will walk you through 

exactly how to add an equine behaviour program to your

existing business

After completeing this intensive boot camp you will not only be

Certified to Teach

The Horse Watcher  - Equine Behaviour Program.

We will also walk you step by Step how to: 

Fill your workshops and lesson programs.



We will work through the lesson program and practice the unique method of teaching.


Will be devoted to discovering how to attract clients to your lesson programs or workshops.


Boot camp includes a free copy of 

"How to Put Butts in Seats and Saddles"

Edmonton Boot Camp $99

October 8th 2016 

Get your copy today only $25

Click on the book cover to order

Clearly outlined  - Equine Experiments 

Just print the work card

and follow the simple instructions

Designed to make horses show a certain behaviour on cue.

Allowing students to see for themselves exactly how horses behave and communicate.


This complete lesson program is an Investment in your Business

Providing you with the

Competitive edge over other

Riding instructors & trainers. 

Lesson Plan

The teacher reads the black text to the students

The Blue text provides instructions on how to 

set up the small groups, facilitate discussions

and student led learning.


The lesson programs are designed for Riding Instructors/Coaches/ Trainers

or people who run an equine related business.

It is NOT for beginers with little or no knowledge of horses


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