* Ever wonder what truly great horsemen and women
(regardless of their chosen discipline) have in common?
Why they seem to instinctively know what to do and when to do it?
Have you ever thought the relationship they have with their horse is almost like an old married couple
who finish each others sentences
It's as though they Know what their horse is thinking!!

Wouldnt life be easier if only you 

could Think Like a Horse

And understand "Why they do what they do"

Spend the afternoon Discovering the Secrets of Equine behavior and communiction with Linda Finstad B.H.S.A.I

 How to Think like a Horse workshop 

 "Equine Behaviour"

You will learn how to:

Unravel the mysteries of how horses communicate with each other and why they do what they do.

By having a deeper understanding of what "motivates" a horse to act in a certain way  - you become more attuned to 

their natural way of being and able to form stronger bonds and relationships with them.

We address some very interesting questions:

Are horses self-aware?

Why they form close friendships?

Do Stallions have a preference when it comes to mares?

How wild stallions "steal" a mare from an existing herd?

Are horses capable of creating a "game plan" to get what they want?

What is imprinting?

Can horses smell fear?

Has man changed the horses' natural way of being?

Why are some horses bullies?

How do horses self medicate?


Discover the answers to these and many more questions and be well on your way to being able to "Think like a Horse"

Cost $125 Adults -  Youth under 16yrs $85

Includes a copy of "The Horse Watcher" Answers to questions you never knew you had.


Equine Body Language Boot Camp

A full day of intensive training to transform you into a horse whisperer

During this hands-on interactive workshop you will 

explore a wide array of different situations and scenarios

Interact with horses as we conduct a variety of equine experiments

Learn to de-code what is not being said


Understand the nonverbal signals you are sending,

and how to accurately read the body language of horses. 

Cost $245 per person


The workshop includes a copy of  Linda Finstad's book 

Click on the paper clip

to download a detailed

workshop overview

Click on the paper clip

to download a detailed

workshop overview

Download info on how partner with Linda Finstad and host a workshop at your facility

2019 Workshop Dates and Locations

To be announced

What you will take away:

1.  A deep understanding of how horses communicate with Humans and other horses.

2.  An enhanced awareness of equine behaviour and the ability to use that knowledge in the welfare and training of horses.

3.  Greater confidence and a real understanding of what "Horse Sense" really means.

4.  The ability to recognise how your own body language effects your horse ( horses can read your body language from across a field)

5.  A passion for discovering the meaning behind the  Silent conversations of horses.

6.  The ability to quieten your spirit and truly see what motivates horses to behave the way they do.

Can horses see their reflection in water?

What is "foal imprinting? why is it important?

How do wild horses survive the winter?

Why young horses need "babysitting"?

Why do bucking horses   "buck"?

Why do mares typically give birth at night?

Why do horses be-friend other species?

Why are some horses "bullies"?

Just a few perplexing questions Linda " the horse watcher" answers in the workshop

© 2014  Linda Finstad - A Sharper Image Photography