Frequently asked Questions

Q. Do I need any additional text books to teach the equine behaviour lessons?

A. No everything you need is included with each lesson.


Q. Are there any hidden costs - like on-going membership or lisencing.

A. No  - The equine behaviour lesson program is a one-time investment in your businness.  You can print and re-print the Discovery Cards as many times as you need to.

The only copyright infringement would be if you re-sold them to someone else.


Q. Can I pay in installments? 

A. You are able to buy individual lesson plans (one at a time) and spread the cost of the complete program. Unfortunately because of the huge discount we offer, installments are not available on the "Big Deal" .


Q. Is there an Age limit for "the How to Think Like a Horse" workshops.

A. Yes - the workshops are not suitable for children under 12 yrs. They are intensive workshops and designed for adults. 


Q. Do I need to register for a workshop  - or can I pay on the day at the door?

A. It is important that you register for all the workshops - spaces are usually limited and we would hate to have to turn you away on the day.


Q. What if I register for a workshop - but "Life gets in the way" and I can't make it ?

A. We understand that "Stuff" happens, just let us know 7 days before the workshop date and we will transfer your registration to the next available class.


Q. Do you offer a refund poicy?

A. Due to the digital nature of our lesson programs all sales are final.


Q. Are the workshops and lesson programs tax deductable?

A. Yes  - If you own an equine related business they would be considered a legitimate business expense.

Please let us know if you need a tax receipt.


Q. Is owning a horse or being able to ride, a requirement of the program?

A. No -  The Think Like a Horse workshops are suitable for anyone wanting to know more about horses. 


Q. Does it matter which order I take the "Think Like a Horse" workshops?

A. Not really - Although they are called part one and part 2, you can attend them in any order.


Q. Where can I buy Linda's books?

A. They are available on Amazon - just follow the link from the books page or from Linda in person  - she always has a supply of books, that she is happy to sign for you at the workshops.


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