Who is Linda Finstad

Art by Linda Finstad

For a painting to be considered “Art” it has to stir an emotional response within whoever looks at it.  The artist’s  goal was to paint Joy, this is the emotional response  she wanted people to feel

as they look at her work.  For Linda Finstad “Joy” comes in the shape of a horse.  

But when she looks at a horse she strives to see below the surface and his outer beauty. 

She pays close attention to his non verbal communication and body language listening carefully to what he is saying because she wants to paint his personality.

This unusual approach often requires all the colours in the paint box.” 

 Each horse is a unique and magnificent masterpiece.  


Born in rural England, Linda, learned to ride a pony before she could ride a two wheel bicycle, competed at county level shows in England with show ponies and hunters.

Linda knew she wanted to earn her living in the horse industry so she completed the formal training to become a B.H.S.A.I, and went on to train other equine competitors and riders.


She immigrated to Canada from England almost 20 years ago, and felt she would like a change of career path so Linda went back to school to learn the art and science of photography.

With the intention of using her extensive equestrian background and her newly acquired skills, to earn a living photographing horses


This new direction took her to equine events and farms throughout Alberta over the past 20 years she has photographed thousands of horses in all kinds of disciplines and situations.


Linda’s photographic contribution to preserving Alberta’s Equine Heritage was acknowledged by her majesty the Queen of England. This extensive body of work is now housed in the Provincial Archive Museum and is known as “The Horses of Alberta” exhibit.


Linda Finstad - Equine behaviour Investigator

This may sound like a made up title.

However it perfectly describes what Linda has spent a lifetime doing in her quest to unravel the mysteries of equine behaviour. Linda has spent countless hours observing, documenting and photographing both wild and domestic horses.  To learn the answers to questions that have haunted her dreams.

Questions like “why do horses seek a relationship with humans”?  We are a different species that adds nothing to their existence, yet they seek to please us.

How do horses communicate empathy and understanding and how can we de-code their silent conversations?

She doesn't give herself false airs by calling herself an expert or even a specialist  - she reslises her investigations are on-going and there is always something new to learn.

The results of her investigations may change the way you not only think about horses but definitely how you interact with them.

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