Learn Photography

Would'nt it be great if you could find a professional photographer who would just

"Show" you how to get the results you want


Especially if they would explain how it all works in simple easy to understand language

No techno - Geek stuff


Well you are in luck 

Award winning photographer Linda Finstad

Offers a selection on photography classes and workshops

Designed especially for people who dont want to read the manual.

Action / sports Photography

New for 2018 - Day at the Races

Winning Moments Photography Day at the Races

You will learn:

  • How to capture fast action as the horses thunder part the finish post

  • Compostion - how to use pictures to tell the story of horse racing 

  • Portraiture  - how to capture authentic portraits of real Jockeys, trainers and the hard working people who make up horse racing ( Linda literally wrote the book on) "The Humans of Horse Racing"

  • Tackle difficult "natural lighting" situations  - when you know how to optimise every kind of light you can shoot all day, every day. No more waiting for the perfect light.

  • Use racing pictures to expand your portfolio 

Photographers of every skill level are invited to join us for an evening at the races. We will have an introductory lesson to go over camera settings, and will spend a couple of hours moving between the paddock, rail and finish line to capture thoroughbreds during the races.

We meet up,  at the Northlands Park Horse racing track -  by the finish post

Friday July 6th at 6pm

Registration $90

Includes a copy of 

"How to photograph Horses and their Humans"

Equine Photography

For budding Photographers of all skill levels.
If you love Horses and Love to take pictures of them, but are frustrated by the results of your picture taking efforts.

Then sign up for this fun filled - hands on workshop.
You will Learn 

• How to pose both horse and handler for beautiful portraits
• How to capture the “Jump Shot” at just the right moment
• You will learn how to recognize

“The right place and the right time”
• How you too can “See the light”
• Linda will share easy tricks for artistic effects
• Freestyle and action shots made easy

Half day workshop $145 per person
Includes a copy of Linda's book
How to Photograph Horses and their Humans
Buy the book $35 
plus $10 shipping

Field Trip Photography

Get up close and personal with a large herd of horses in their natural setting. 

Your guide Linda Finstad will explain the herd dynamics and natural behaviours.  This is “Horse watching” at its best.

Providing the perfect opportunity to observe interactions between the horses and capture “un-posed” equine portraits.

Quite unlike any other photography workshop you have ever attended 

If you enjoy nature and the spontaneity of shooting real life as it unfolds you will love this field trip photography class.


You will learn:

  • Camera settings

  • Lighting

  • Natural composition

  • Relationships shots 

  • Reflection shots ( if the pond is full)

  • Body language challenge for advanced “Horse watchers”


This is an evening class 6pm - 8:30pm ( summer time only)

We meet at Tim Horton's on Wye road just East of Sherwood Park - then head out to the ranch together.

Only $55 per person  must be over 12 years of age


At New Horizon Ranch - Sherwood Park

Digital Photography 101


Linda offers a great introduction to digital photography class;


Learn how to use your DSLR

Camera functions

Exposure controls

How to choose the perfect lens

Master backlit photography 

ISO and resolution

How to read the histogram

Plus the "Secret Sauce" the pro trick 

other pro's wont tell you !


This is a small group setting at A sharper Image studio

max 6 people - includes coffee and cake

Classes are held at 6756 - 31a Ave - Edmonton

Start at 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

 NEW Lower Price Now only $55

Classes Resume in the Fall

E-mail Linda to schedule  thehorsewatcher@shaw.ca

One on One photography tutoring

Perfect for people with busy life styleswho cant attend a regular workshop


or maybe you want a more customized lesson to take your photography to the next level.

Giving you the opportunity to centre your learning around your own interests.

Or perhaps even learning the basics in a class situation is overwhelming one on one tutoring is the answer.


Please e-mail Linda at thehorsewatcher@shaw.ca with details of your particular photographic interest,

what you would like to know and achieve, and she will design a lesson specifically for you


Individual tutoring is $75 per hour - minimum 2 hour session

and is available weekdays and evenings only

Semi Private lesson (2 - 4 people)

$50 per hour per person   - Minimum 2 hour session



Contact Linda at TheHorseWatcher@shaw.ca 

Equine Posing Guides

Buy one get one FREE

Each DVD is packed with over 50 printable posing guides.

Not only will you be inspired by new ways to pose and photograph horses and their people.

You also get all the insider tips on camera settings/ lighting and how to set up the shoot.


Regular price for these DVD's $35 each  - but for a limited time - You can buy both editions for $35 

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