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If you love horse racing — you will love this book 

Linda Finstad takes you on an extraordinary photographic journey into the “back stretch” which is the inner sanctum of racing and strictly off limits to the general public. She will introduce you to the horsemen and women that make horse racing possible and share with you their stories.


Perhaps you have always dreamed of working in the race industry, or maybe owning your own race horse. If that is the case you really need to read this book. 


Learn the how to’s what not to do’s and the hard reality of horse racing — straight from the people who live this life every single day.  Discover why they work long hours in often harsh conditions, and how much money these people really make.

Who is getting rich and who is just scraping by.

"I like to think of myself as “Extremely Inquisitive” others have a less than flattering name for this character trait. Nosey Parker is one that immediately comes to mind.  However I choose to take that as a compliment and it was exactly the kind of quality needed for the creation of this book. 


The premise for the book was simple enough, photograph all the people who are involved in horse racing at Northlands Park and tell their story. 

How hard can that be? 


 Horse Racing Alberta issued me with an all access license to the back stretch and a couple of introductions to a trainer and the head “out rider” and after that I was pretty much on my own.


I figured the best way to get to know the people, what they do and how they work was to spend lots of time at the track. Not just on special race days but every day starting at 6 am, which is when most of the people at the track show up for work (some start even earlier). 

Even at this early hour the barns are buzzing with activity, horses are being tacked up and led out to the track for their early morning gallops, others are tied to the horse walkers to stretch their legs and move their muscles - similar to doing 20 mins on a tread mill. Grooms are mucking out stalls, filling water buckets and hay nets. Trainers are lined up against the track to keep a watchful eye on their equine prospects.  The out rider is primed and ready for action as he watches the young horses, he is looking for signs of  possible run away’s or jockey’s in trouble. The tack store is open for business and the farrier is gathering his tools for the start of his rounds. The office and support staff start a little later. 


It quickly became apparent that horse racing is like a very elegant jigsaw puzzle and it requires ALL the pieces to create the finished picture" 

Linda Finstad

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"The Humans of Horse Racing"

This book is filled with stunning images that visually tell the story of horse racing.

All these images and the very latest

Explosion Fine Art by Linda Finstad

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Linda is available as a guest author:

she will share:

* Her compelling story, of how this book came into existence and the trails and tribulations she encountered at the track.

* Set up a display of her "fine art" associated with the book.

* Openly and honestly Answers questions on "how to write a book"  if that is something you would like to achieve.

* Sign copies of the book.

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Mane Event - April 21- 23

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Answering questions and signing books.

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