"Horse Watching"

 is the Science of Horses

By observing, documenting, photographing horses in their natural state and quantifying all the data.

I believe we can solve the greatest mystery yet to be solved.

How to De-Code equine behaviour and body language


It has taken me a life time of watching horses to gather the observations and information contained in my book.

My goal is to help speed up that process for you, by sharing my insights on what is really going on.


I am not "The expert"  I am merely your guide, pointing out areas of interest you may want to explore.

This is an exciting journey and will be different for everyone.


What is Horse Watching?

  • Horse watching is your own personal "spiritual journey"

  • There is no prize or ribbons for being the best

  • No certificate to say you have learend "all there is to know"

  • No 100% right or wrong answers

  • In fact as you discover the answer to one question  - 10 more will take its place

  • It requires no special eqipment or physical prowess

  • Open to all ages, whether you are 8 or 80 there is always something new to discover

  • "Horse Watching" won't make you richer, fitter or more beautiful but it will feed your soul, calm your spirit and develop your empathy for nature


Linda's afternoon workshop "How to think like a Horse"

is fun and informative, a great way to learn alongside other horse lovers


Her presentation excites both children and adults

to look at horses in a different light and ask the question

Why do Horses do that?


for details of upcoming workshops go to the "Equine Behaviour Workshop page


Linda Finstad's book

The Horse Watcher

"Answers to questions you never knew you had"


Will deepen your understanding and appreciation for what is means to be a horse.

This book is a "must have" for all horse lovers



Horse Watching 101

Horse watching is a fascinating hobby, the more you participate, the more you will come to recognize how horses communicate to each other and to us.

The secret key that unlocks this fascinating World of equine behavior is to quietly meet horses in their own space and share the moment. Allow yourself lots of time  - this is something you cant rush.

Human beings find it extremely hard to “Just be”

Push aside all the things you think you know and have an open mind with no hidden agenda.  If all you learn from the experience is the ability to quiet your spirit  and unplug from technology. It will have been time well spent.


10 Top Tips for “New Horse Watchers”

  • Always get permission from the horse owners to observe and photograph their horses.

  • Never just hop a fence into a field full of horses ( they belong to someone and you will be trespassing on private property)

  • Wear sensible clothing, sturdy boots, long pants and hat, you will be out in the country so bug spray is a must.

  • Binoculars  - Camera and a note pad is all the equipment you will need.  It is important to watch the horses from a distance because your presence will alter their behavior.

  • Go with a goal – have an idea of what to expect, and what you would like to capture on camera.

  • Schedule enough time – this is something you can't rush

  • Take bottled water – stay hydrated, but be sure to take all your litter with you when you leave.

  • Join a group – of other Horse watchers its always fun to compare notes and point things out to each other.

  • Record your sightings and findings – keep a journal

Share your insights and experience on The Horse Watcher- Facebook page

     10.   An excellent book  about Equine behavior and communication is;


The Horse Watcher  - Answers to questions you never knew you had

By Linda Finstad

There are lots of opportunities to “horse Watch” that are both free and open to the public,


Such as Horse racing and Horse shows

Others may have a small cover charge such as Rodeo’s and chuck wagon racing.

Or if you are feeling more adventerous go in search of the  bands of wild horses living in Alberta and BC

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