Horse sense 101 - Educational  Fundraiser

This mini workshop will provide a fabulous introduction into equine behaviour. 

Participants will learn how to recognise a variety of equine cues that will keep them safe.

Perfect for first time riders or people wanting to know more about horses.

This workshop would double as a comprehensive volounteer orrientation class.


After completing the class, participants will have a better understanding of what motivates a horse to behave in a certain way.

And be able to:


* Connect with a horse

* Catch a horse

* Recognise the warning signs

* Safely catch a horse

* Judge a horses personal space

* Groom a horse

* Deal with a pushy horse

* How to feed a horse 

* Avoid getting their feet stepped on

* Care for horses across the seasons

* Understand how a horse views the world

* Respect the differences between horses and donkeys

* An introduction into bio security and the importance of quarantine


Suitable for horse lovers of all ages - no previous experience needed


This knowledge will help to keep your volounteers safe

and make working around horses more pleasurable.




Easy to follow lesson plan and18 Discovery Cards

All you need to:

Teach a Horse Sense 101 Mini Workshop

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Who can benifit by offering this workshop?

Riding Schools 

Use this workshop as an introduction to horses for new clients wanting to learn to ride.

Offer this workshop to the parents of horse crazy kids - so they understand their child's obsession 

Casual staff and volounteers would benifit from taking this class to learn the basics.


Equine Charities and horse Rescue centres 

Offer the workshop to their supporters as an educational fundraiser

Use the workshop as an orrientation for new volounteers


Equine Summer camps 

An educational off horse activity  - perfect for rainy days 



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How to host a


"Horse Sense 101" workshop

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