Buy a book Fundraiser

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Lets get started:

Contact Linda Finstad and tell her about your fundraising goals


Once you have been approved, we will send you all the materials to make your fund raiser a success.

How it works

  1. Designate a “Fundraising Program Organizer.

  2. One person who will be responsible for distributing and gathering the order forms

  3. “Fundraising Program Organizer” will print and distribute the order forms  to all students and participants.

  4. Create a posters and to display and let people know what you are raising money for

  5. Follow some of the suggested marketing tips provided (download from web site)

  6. Participants will encourage their friends and families to order books (they will collect money for the books when orders are placed)

  7. All completed order forms and money collected will be returned to school / club/ association at the end of the designated time frame ( 2- 4 weeks is recommended for the fundraiser).

  8. “Fundraising Program Organizer” gathers all the money collected at the end of the fundraiser - then mails all the completed order forms to:     

            Linda Finstad,

           6756 - 31a Ave

           Edmonton, AB T6K 1M5

  1. “Fundraising Program Organizer” will receive an invoice for the total amount minus 50% of the profit (this is $5 from each book) 

  2. Fundraising program organizer submits payment  - e-transfer  to :

  3. The completed book order is shipped to the school or organization 

  4. Each order is packed in its own bag with the students name on it - and their original order forms (so they know who to deliver their books to )

  5. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.

  6. Fundraising program organizer ( and volunteers) distribute orders

Tips to make your Fundraiser a huge success

Step 1: Book your fundraiser. You can do this by contacting Linda Finstad via email or  phone (780 468 9270)

Step 2: Set a time frame for your campaign. A reasonable length of time is one to two weeks from start to finish, ensuring that it is run over two weekends is best. The delivery date varies depending on your location, but is generally between 7 and 14 business days after your order is received.

Step 3: Distribute the order forms to participants, and communicate your campaign goal to them. Let participants know the date that the order forms are to be submitted by

Step 4: If applicable - encourage the participants to write a little note explaining Who they are - Why they are trying to raise money ( what the money will be used for) and what people will receive for their support.

Social Media Tips for Fundraisers You are probably a pro on social media.

But using social media for fundraising is diferent from using it for personal reasons.

You are not just posting for fun. You are trying to get people to take action.


  1. Use Images Social media users love images. They stand out in a newsfeed and tell a story quicker than a few lines of text. Depending on which social network you are using, you may have room for an image and a lot of text (Facebook and IG), or you may have to succinctly craft your message (Twitter). Attention-grabbing ways to use images on your fundraising posts include: ! Instagram and SnapChat video stories to attract new audiences to your campaign. !

 A video explaining the purpose of your fundraiser.

2. Have a Clear Call to Action What do you want your audience to do, and when? !

Do not assume your audience knows who you are or about your cause. ! Be clear and direct. Use words that invite action such as click, share, and call.

3. Make Them Shareable If you want your posts to be shared, make them shareable. ! If it is a Twitter post, limit it to 140 characters. ! Ask. Most people will not automatically share your post, so ask them to please share, repost, or retweet. !

4. Build Your Brand What is your fundraiser for and why are you having one? Do not assume your audience knows about your project. When you use social media for fundraising, you are reaching out beyond your personal circle to find new audiences. ! #Hashtags give your fundraising campaign a cohesive image across platforms and unify the members of your fundraising team. ! Be different, but recognizable.

 5. Your supporters need to know the results of your fundraising efforts and how they can contribute in the future. ! Thank, thank, and thank again anyone who supports your cause and shares your message. Fundraising using social media is about experimenting and being creative. Just because it has been done before does not mean it cannot be successfully done again.

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