Free Horse Watcher's Field Guide


To help you on your "Horse Watching" journey we have created a couple of field guides

or "What to watch for when horse watching" tips.


And a little guided I spy game for junior horse watchers.


Feel free to down load the field guides and use when you are planning a trip to watch horses in a natural herd situation;

Or if you are planning to attend an organised equine event;


There are lots of fabulous FREE opportunities to watch horses, at equine events such as;

Show jumping, Dressage, Eventing, Combined driving, Polo, Horse racing, Trotting races, Barrel racing, Team roping etc.

Others which may require a small cover charge are Rodeo's and Chuck wagon racing.


Feb 15th Free Guided horse walks - Join Linda for a walk in the river valley 

Learn a little about the horses and the history of Whitemud equine centre


 Linda will be leading 3 tours  - 11 am , noon and 1pm - be sure to dress warm and wear sturdy boots

No need to register  - just come on down  - be sure to print of the "Horse watchers field guides" and bring them with you.

We will be meeting at Keillor cabin




Eight Reasons Why “Horse watching” rocks


1) It sharpens your sight. Before you know it, you learn to spot the Alpha female in a herd, or the poor soul that is bottom horse in the pecking order.


2) It encourages you to explore the world. Horses are everywhere and each continent has its own indigenous breeds, some even have herds of wild horses to discover.


3) It gives you something to write about. "Dear Mom, How are you? It snowed here the other day, but the horses don’t seem to feel the cold, the snow is piled up on their backs proving their thick winter coats are providing insulation.


4) It makes you an authority in the neighborhood. People you have never met will tell you about horses they have spotted in fields. That is “beautiful” you really must go check them out.


5) It helps you to treasure a moment - that June evening, for example, when you watch a mare and foal gently grooming each other. Or a horse rolling in the dirt with such abandonment, as he rolls and squirms to ditch the itch on his back.


6) It provides you with opportunities to enjoy the countryside, fresh air, gentle exercise all of which ultimately improve your health.


7) It makes you politically active. You will form an interest in not only spotting and watching wild horses but also fight to save them. Once you have observed wildies, its impossible not to be smitten. They are the epitamy of success – Wild, free successfully living on what nature provides.


8) Finally you have discovered something very special that is Free

Now that is news worth sharing.

© 2014  Linda Finstad - A Sharper Image Photography