Equine Facial Expressions

Horses are capable of a wide range of facial expressions from the sublime to the ridiculous

and pretty much everything else in-between.

Linda Finstad is a self confessed "Horse Watcher" and whilst researching for her book "How to De-Code Equine Body Language she started to notice the all the different facial expressions horses exhibited.

Capturing these expressions in camera became something of an obsession and the more she paid attention the more she saw. 

Which sparked the idea to create the worlds largest data base of equine expressions.

All of these amazing images are featured in her books  - Don't Shoot the Horses and Don't shoot the Trainer.


You may find some of these expressions hard to look at  - you may even believe that there was mistreatment of the horses  - But these expressions are just a moment in time these expressions are extremely fleeting which is why they are not normally recorded.

"No horses were harmed in the making of the images"

Equine Expression Data base

Linda Finstad has created the world's largest data base of equine expressions.

To date; there are 230 unique images that make up this collection.

The full collection can viewed viewed on Pintrest 


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