"Advanced Equine Behaviour " program

Easy to follow lesson plans, Discovery cards and training aids. Everything you need to:

Teach Advanced Equine Behaviour classes and workshops

The Big Deal

Teaching aids and tools to help you expand your teaching business and lesson program


Q. How can I teach an "Advanced class" I am not an Expert?

Good Question - I am glad you asked

You may be closer than you think 


To becoming an expert in Equine Behaviour and communication.

You are probably already an expert in Horsemanship, Teaching or Training or close to one.

So you can easily build upon that expertise and take it to the next level.

This is a much easier, less time-intensive route to take than learning something entirely new.

The good news is you are already 3/4 of the way there

 All you need are the tools and training aids to confidently start a new lesson program.


Follow these 5 Easy steps to success! 

Linda Finstad spent 3 years researching and refining the lesson programs, Discovery card sets and designing Equine Experiments so you dont have to.


Step 1 Print all the lesson materials, we sugest using card stock and laminating the discovery cards for durability.

Step 2. Read through all the material and familiarize yourself with the lesson format. 

Step 3 Practice especially the equine experiments. This way you know exactly how long they take to set up and execute which means no surprises on the day.

Step 4 Schedule your first workshop or lesson program "Just DO It" set the date and commit to it.

Step 5  Attract clients to fill your class using the Marketing Blueprint this is easier than you think.



The Big Deal

Provides All the tools you need to expand your teaching business and lesson program

and make more money 


 8 Complete Lessons

Discovery Card sets

12 Equine Experiments

A Bonus lesson

The Marketing Blueprint

Cheat sheets

Printable Student certificates

All on a flash drive

Plus a Free copy of 

"The Horse Watcher" 

by Linda Finstad

Extra bonus

"How to Put Butts in Seats and Saddles

"complete workshop marketing plan"


Bundle and save over $750



The Big Deal is only 





A turn key program enabling you to 

make more money doing what you love

Teach  - Inspire and Profit


Parasites and Preditors

Mare and Foal Dynamics

Discover your perfect equine partner

Understand Equine Body Language

Stress and Stable vices

How horses Self-Medicate

What really set this program apart from any other form of teaching are the 

Equine Experiments

Easy to facilitate, yet bring the lesson subject alive

Allowing your students to discover for themselves:


Equine experiments:


Are horses "Self Aware"

Can horses count

What aromas are horses either attracted to or repulsed by

How mares teach their foals "what is good to eat"

How horses self medicate

Who is King pin in the herd

Do horses have a favorite color

What is colic

Can horses tell time

How horses see the world

What causes horses to feel "stressed out"

How horses learn  - The Equine Inteligence Test



It is difficult to get horses to exhibit a certain behaviour on cue

Yet these simple experiments "do just that"


Hands on learning and demonstrations

that will WOW your students




Train the trainer Boot camp

Not sure if this is for you?

Wtih any "new" method of training there are always feelings of uncertaintly.

So we offer a Train the trainer boot camp

This boot camp is not for everyone - just those interested in using the horse watcher

Equine behaviour program to expand their business.

On completion of the boot camp you will be certified to teach this program


Equine Vital Signs - you need to know

Wild Horse Secrets

Marketing Blueprint

Equine Experiments

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