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Why Horses

Do what they Do?


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  • Why do horses sleep standing up

  • Why do horses Roll

  • Can horses see in the dark

  • Why do they sometimes eat dirt

  • Are horses "self aware"

  • Why they form special friendships

  • Why mares foal at night

  • How wild horses "self medicate" with plants

  • What is a grade horse

  • Why do some horses have blue eyes

  • What makes horses go "crazy"

  • Do horses fake lameness

  • How much manure do horses create in a day

  • Do they know what they look like

  • Why does a bucking-horse buck

  • Why do horses get colic

  • Why horses swish their tails

  • What is "Imprinting"

  • Can horses tell the time

  • How do wild stallions move their herd

  • Can horses plot and scheme

  • Do horses develop special friendships

  • How do horses show affection

  • Why are some horses bullies

  • Can horses smell fear

  • Why are horses measured in hands not feet


These and other perplexing questions are answered

in an easy to understand show and tell format


wild horse in the woods


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“How to Photograph Horses and their humans” is a modern no nonsense guide that walks you through every step to achieving calendar quality images of horses and their owners. In this book every age group and equine discipline is covered, from kids to cowboys. 


We take an in-depth look at how to successfully move through your photo session so one pose naturally progresses to the next. Making the photo experience pleasurable for everyone.  

Although this is a book about photography it is important for the equine photographer to understand the phycology and dynamics of the horse and human relationship in order to capture compelling images that reflect the emotional bond between the horse and his human.  This is very important because the approach you would take to photograph a child and her pony is very different from a working cowboy and his cutting horse. Likewise a graduation photo shoot of teenage girl that includes her horse would differ greatly from a Family photo session down on the farm.

Each of these scenarios and many more are explained in detail, from the important questions you need to ask prior to the shoot to turning the horse out in the pasture at the end of your session. 

horse looking goofy



You may find the images in Linda Finstad's latest book

"Don't Shoot the Horses" disturbing and feel sure these horses were treated badly if not tortured to create such expressions. Let me re-assure you all these photographs were taken at horse shows and events under the scrutiny of ring stewards and judges. These officials are trained to see, stop and prevent any form of abuse.  

No horses were harmed in the making of these images

Horses have a wide range of facial expressions, not all of them are pretty. However to spot them you have to pay close attention and if you want to photograph them you must be extremely fast, very often the expression may only last a second. Which could explain why you have never seen or been aware that horses can pull such faces.


    There is an unwritten rule among equine photographers “never, ever photograph a horse with his mouth open” which means images like these have very rarely been captured and if they accidentally were, got deleted just as fast. So the myth emerged that horses are always serene and gentle with a soft limpid eye and ears pricked attentively forward, because that is how they are always photographed, painted and perceived. It is those images that are displayed, printed in magazines and sold as art.

After reading this book you will realise nothing could be farther from the truth. 

Bible Verse Book Collection

Each book contains over 100 inspirational Bible verses coupled with beautiful fine art, that will lead you into a deeper understanding of who God is and what His plan is for your life.

He wants to "prosper you and not to harm you, to give hope and a future" (Jeremiah 29:11)   
Take time to relax, sit back, and meditate on God’s Word

Beautifully designed gift books  for people who know they ought to spend more time reading the Bible - but just don't have the time.

The stunning pictures encourage you to keep turning the page and the carefully selected bible verses provide encouragement and remind you of the wonderful promises God made to his people.


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cowboy carrying a saddle

This book will help you every step of the way to fill your workshop with (horsey) people who are excited to work with you and hear your message.

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The Book that was three years in the making 

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Equine behaviour investigator Linda Finstad unlocks the secrets to what horses are really thinking and feeling in this beautiful full colour book containing pictures and stories that set the scene in which the interactions take place. This book is your gateway to mastering the art of equine body language and setting you on the path to becoming an enlightened horse whisperer. 
Featured in the book is an 85 page “easy reference guide” which provides the answers to understanding how horses communicate to each other and also how we can understand their no verbal cues.  
These revelations and discoveries were not made by chance Linda spent endless hours conducting field research which involved studying herds of horses in their natural environment. Plus devising and executing equine experiments that would provide photographic proof to her theories.

Linda is available for 

Mini Seminars and 

Equine Body Language 


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Get your copy Signed by the Author

After placing your order, e-mail Linda Finstad

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These delightful little books are a mixture of "easy reader" and colouring book 

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