I am so confident that you can expand your business and make more money Teaching Equine Behaviour and communication 


You can  "Test Drive" my new teaching method for just One dollar

Our accountant said we can't just give away

a complete lesson "Free of Charge". 


So for a very limited time you can download the

"Introduction to Equine Behaviour"

Lesson plan and set of 20 discovery cards


For Just One Dollar

Reg price $45



Introductory  Lesson Plan

Download and print the 

Discovery Cards

This is NOT a get rich quick scheme

 It does require some honest hard work 

The good news is the hard work isn't that hard


5 easy steps will get you started


Step 1 Print all the lesson materials, we suggest using card stock and laminating the discovery cards for durability.

Step 2. Read through all the material and familiarize yourself with the lesson format. 

Step 3 Practice,  especially the equine experiments.

 This way you know exactly how long they take to set up and execute which means no surprises on the day.

Step 4 Schedule your first workshop or lesson program "Just DO It" set the date and commit to it.

Step 5  Attract clients to fill your class using the Marketing Blueprint this is easier than you think.


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